Founding partner, Patricia J. Rynn retires

Pat Rynn

Dear Valued Clients,

After a legal career spanning more than 38 years, I will be retiring at the end of 2018. I will remain “Of Counsel” with the firm and will be available for consultations and to assist with litigation strategy in cases as needed. I also plan to continue serving as a mediator and an arbitrator to assist parties to reach fair resolutions of their disputes regarding agricultural commodities with an effort to save the parties from costly and time-consuming litigation. I will remain on the DRC roster of arbitrators and mediators and will be available to assist in resolving disputes brought before the Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (also known as the “DRC”).

I have been very fortunate to have been able to spend my entire legal career specializing in agricultural industry issues. Thanks to you, my very patient clients, I learned a good deal about the challenges and dedication required to succeed as a grower and a shipper of agricultural commodities. (Unfortunately, I did not learn all of your farming skills, as my rose bushes will attest). The enjoyment derived from my work has been due in no small part to the relationships forged with you.

My first job after law school was with Western Growers Association, and back in 1980, most of the work involved agricultural labor issues and union activity. Since those early days, PACA and the PACA Trust amendments enacted in the mid-eighties demanded more of our attention, and the Act has helped produce suppliers recover countless millions of dollars which they would have otherwise been unable to recover. When Lew Janowsky and I decided to start our own law firm in 1986, we had two or three clients and had no clue how things would turn out. Ultimately, we came to recognize how special the produce industry is and we gained an enormous appreciation for the hard working growers and shippers supplying fruits and vegetables to a hungry world while navigating through the highly regulated agricultural industry.

I know that I will miss the excitement and challenges at the office when new issues and disputes arise. I will also miss the exhilaration of obtaining a favorable judgment, or a sensible negotiated settlement which helps our client avoid costly litigation which allows it to remain focused on its business, which is indispensable to its success.

Happily, I am leaving you in the very capable hands of my experienced partners who are currently expertly handling cases for you at Rynn & Janowsky, LLP. These seasoned and highly competent R&J attorneys will continue to assist you with all of your questions, litigation needs, your agreement review and drafting needs, and all other legal aspects of your business. Many of you have already relied upon the expertise of Jason Read, Bart Botta, Elise O’Brien and June Monroe to assist you with your problems or your needs. These partners are the best, brightest and most experienced attorneys I know who practice in our specialized agricultural niche. Each of these partners have decades of experience successfully resolving produce industry disputes issues and they will continue to manage the firm and work diligently to solve clients’ problems as and when they arise.

I have some charitable service activities to which I would like to devote more attention in my retirement. Also my parents will each reach the ripe old age of 91 in a few months and they need a bit more help and companionship than they used to, so I feel that I need to be more available for them. I am also looking forward to doing some traveling with my husband while I am still able to climb castle stairs without a walker.

It has been a great ride, and I will be forever grateful for all of your support over the years. I do hope that I hear from you every now and then, if only to hear about your business or families or adventures. I will continue to be available to consult or confer about issues which arise and will be honored to do so.

Pat Rynn