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Since 1986, Rynn & Janowsky, LLP has been steadily growing to become one of the largest and busiest agricultural firms nationwide. Patricia J. Rynn and Lewis P. Janowsky started the firm after working for several years as senior attorneys with the Western Grower’s Association. The firm’s experience with PACA law is now recognized nationwide and several partners are certified mediators and arbitrators.

By assembling a group of diverse and talented attorneys, Rynn & Janowsky, LLP has also expanded to include employment law. We represent employers in every industry and business sector from offices in Newport Beach and Naples, Florida.  


Who we are. And how that helps you.

Rynn & Janowsky, LLP exists to benefit everyone we touch through legal service and pro-active education in the areas of agricultural and employment law. We bring talent, experience, value and caring to each of our clients. And we recognize that in contwributing to their success down to the smallest detail, we in effect contribute to our own.

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